About us

The STORY BEHIND our clear sound

At Music Media Factory Inc., our goal is to transform the music industry into a cutting edge industry by leveraging new technology, innovative ideas and intellectual capital.

As the web expands, users want better and faster ways to find the most relevant and up to date music. This is what our team of highly dedicated producers, song writers, composers, video producers, online marketing specialists and artist managers is focused on doing everyday.


We offer multiple services to our customers including access to a fully equipped recording studio, audio/video editing and mastering as well as promotion, online distribution and artist management. As a music label, we also from time to time hand pick the best of the best and produce their album. If you are interested in getting produced, please send us some mp3s at: [email protected]

Here’s a small taste of what we can offer you:

  • Digital and HD Recording facilities
  • Editing and mastering services
  • Online promotion
  • Song writing
  • Music creation
  • Music production for film and video games
  • Album production
  • Artist Management
  • And much more!
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