Big Bass

I Can’t Breathe (Lesko Cerf Remix)

What You Do, Playing with Stones

Debuting in 1998, Big Bass has reached international audiences with four singles, including the powerful dance anthem, “What You Do, Playing with Stones”, produced collaboratively with influential Swedish producer Stonebridge. The acclaimed single reached its star status in 2007 with numerous chart and compilation appearances in Europe, and became the center of attention for a record breaking Flashmob event in Paddington Station, London, UK. Over the years Big Bass has received remixes from world class producers, including Hoxton Whores, Outhere Brothers, Plastik Funk, Radiokillaz, Tom Novy, Thomas Gold and the YoungPunx.


Big Bass, including Ryan King, Phil Campagna AKA Groovepusher, and David Audet are driven by their passion to create house anthems. Big Bass’ latest single, “Chicago” was inspired by the origins of house music which were considered to have spawned in Chicago’s”The Warehouse” nightclub where resident Dj FrankIE Knuckles played an important role in developing house music at the origin. Teaming up with Canadian singer/songwriter zaz zielinski, Big Bass` “Everybody Noze” blends a pop rock vocal with a melodic house vibe. Including a varied mix package, this song includes a high energy house mix, pop, and electro, as well as a more club oriented jungle remix by Dj Yanik Coen. For the UK, the RadioKillaz added their flavor to this much anticipated 2010 summer groove.

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