Music Distribution Services

Below is a representative list of our partner companies. We’ll deliver your music to all these providers and more:



iTunes is the premier destination for digital downloads. They offer high quality DRM-free MP3s and command over 80% of the download marketplace revenue. Once your music has been finalized and approved for distribution, we’ll deliver it to iTunes within 2 business days! That delivery includes all iTunes stores worldwide, and your music will be available for download in full.

Amazon MP3

Seattle-based Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer. Their MP3 store sells DRM-free MP3s to the largest audience anywhere. Amazon MP3 is the muscle behind MySpace Music, so if your MP3s are for sale on Amazon, then they will soon be for sale in the MySpace Music store.

Google Music

The Google Music service allows users to discover and buy new music through the Android Marketplace. Google Music users can upload their existing music collection to “the cloud” for free, and stream any purchased or uploaded track from the web on any device, tablet, or smartphone.


eMusic boasts the largest catalog of independent music and is the #2 digital music retailer. eMusic offers high-quality DRM-free MP3s to an ever-growing number of subscribers, with a stronghold on the 25 and older demographic.


European-based Spotify is becoming one of the most popular streaming services. Currently only available in limited territories, their store is set for expansion to the US. Customers can stream their favorite artists using a free ad-supported version or by paying a monthly fee for their premium option.


We also publish it on more than 200 websites.

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